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Film Study/Stat Analysis

A major component of The Dallas Cowboys Times is the use of game tape to study the Cowboys and draw conclusions about players’ play not based on media hype, but objective statistical research and film study.  We currently track a variety of aspects of each offensive play:

Down & Distance

Field Position





Game Time


Run Hole/Pass Location & Distance


Screens/Playaction Passes/Rollouts

No-Huddle Stats

Stats vs. Blitz

Blocking Stats

Yards Per Play When Witten Blocks vs. Runs Route

Play-Calling Trends

By compiling a database of this and other information, it is very easy to sort and subsequently obtain seemingly complex results, such as yards per play when Romo checks on 3rd down, or the difference between using Felix Jones and Marion Barber on 1st and 2nd down draws, for example.   It is this innovative and unique approach to studying the Cowboys upon which we thrive and hope you will enjoy.


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