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The Blonde Side: Stalker Report

By Amber Leigh Hartman (Twitter: @texasaleigh)

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Now that football season is over and you can’t get your Cowboys fix by flipping on a game or sports news, you have to get creative if you want a glimpse of your favorite players.  So where are the ‘Boys in Blue’ when they aren’t tearing it up at Jerry’s World?  Indulging in some well-deserved time off of course.

Quarterback Tony Romo has been spending his time playing indoor soccer, but hasn’t had much luck escaping the spotlight.  Even when Romo isn’t on the field he is getting bashed for his hobbies.  Can this guy catch a break?  Speculators think Romo should be spending the off-season gearing up for next year by training and working on his technique.  Playing soccer is what, unhealthy?  At least he is staying in shape and being active instead of hitting the clubs and getting into trouble.

You can also catch Romo on the golf course at the Four Seasons.  Last summer he spent a lot of time at Lake Lewisville (we will have to see if his new leading lady is comfortable on Jessica’s boat).  Regardless of what he does, cut him some slack and let him have some fun.

Miles Austin recently picked up some turntables and has been laying down the beats!  Will he be a guest DJ at the hottest nightclub?  Probably not, but he might be in VIP with his partner in crime Kevin Ogletree.  The young duo has been on the go, jet setting off to Vegas, LA, and most recently spotted at The Factory in Dallas (I just hope they don’t get hurt, we need these two)!

After taking a trip to his hometown of Chicago for some R&R, Jason Williams is back in town.  Williams likes to lay low but can be found at the bowling alley in his down time, and as luck would have it, he bowls against his teammates.  He also likes to increase his workouts and focus on preparing for the season. . . True Blue if you ask me.

Cowboys’ trio Marc Colombo, Cory Procter and Leonard Davis can be found hitting the streets as members of their band ‘Free Reign.’  Colombo (vocals/guitar), Procter (drums) and Davis (bass) perform heavy metal music and tour in the off-season.  Be sure to check them out and decide what you prefer:  their play on the field, or that on the stage (your choice shouldn’t be too difficult for Procter).

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Introducing “The Blonde Side” by Amber Leigh Hartman

A.L.'s blog "The Blonde Side" will be hosted right here and will provide a look at the more personal aspects of your favorite players' lives.

The emphasis of Dallas Cowboys Times is to utilize film study to bring you analytical, stat-driven articles concerning everything Cowboys: the draft, game previews, game recaps, and so on.  In our mission statement, we claim that we will “employ any method necessary to allow for fans to gain fresh insights regarding America’s Team.”

Sometimes, though, we know that fans just want to read, well, gossip.

Enter Amber Leigh— the feature of our very first edition of “Hot Cowboys Babes.”  Amber Leigh will be joining Dallas Cowboys Times as our resident gossip columnist.  Having developed connections with multiple Cowboys players, media, and others within the organization, she will be able to provide you with inside information regarding more personal aspects of the players’ lives that, quite frankly, we just are not in position to do.

But don’t let the blonde hair fool you.  A.L. (you can call her A.L. . . she really enjoys it) truly knows her sh*t.  She is educated, well-written, and a lifetime fan of the Silver and Blue.

Her blog will be called “The Blonde Side“–a female perspective on America’s Team.

The ultimate goal of adding “The Blonde Side”  to our repertoire is to allow us to provide you with analysis that is more innovative and comprehensive than that which we were previously capable.  We hope you enjoy this addition to the site.

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